Often referred to as the melting pot of the Balkans, the charming town of Mostar will capture your heart with its cobblestoned streets, old Turkish style buildings, and a beautiful bridge spanning across the picturesque Neretva river. What started of as a small town on the trade route between the Adriatic Coast and central Bosnia has become one of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most popular destinations.
Mostar’s most notable landmark is the 16th century stone bridge, known as Stari Most, built by Suleiman the Magnificent while the city was under Ottoman rule. If you visit Mostar during the warmer months, you will get to witness brave and talented local men diving 72 feet into the rushing Neretva river below. This practice of diving off of the old bridge has been a cultural and historic tradition of the city since 1664. Mostar is the perfect central location to explore Bosnia & Herzegovina from, including sky-scraping mountains, charming villages, gorgeous multiethnic architecture and the delicious food & coffee culture influenced throughout the years by both the East and the West.

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