Nestled along the sparkling coast is a city where antiquity and urban life fully intersect. Split is Croatia’s second largest city and remains one of the Adriatic’s most vibrant port cities, stunningly located between mountains and the sea. It was the Romans who put Split on the map when Emperor Diocletian built his retirement palace here in the 4th century. Aside from being the center of Split’s old town, Diocletian’s Palace is a living World Heritage Site and one of the most impressive Roman ruins on the planet.

In addition to housing various Roman ruins and medieval churches, the sprawling royal residence is also bursting with trendy shops, stylish bars, and brand-name boutiques. Today the city offers an irresistible fusion of ancient history, fine food and an irrepressible spirit.

Due to its central location on the Croatian coast, Split is the ideal city from which to explore other fascinating locations and attractions both on the continent and neighboring islands.

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