Ancient Traditions of Šolta Island (honey, wine & olive oil tour)

Best time to travel: April - October
Highlights: Private chauffeur / guide, authentic experience, wine, honey and olive oil tasting
Duration: Full Day 8 hrs
Type of travel: Special Interest, Gastronomy, Cultural

Embark on a full day exploration of Šolta, a beautiful island oasis bathed in sunshine and surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. During this private day tour, you will get to experience firsthand the traditional way of life for many Croatians. Historically, people living in Dalmatia and especially on the neighboring islands lived humbly, from the fruits of their labor. They fished, planted olive groves and cultivated vineyards.

One family from Šolta started keeping bees. The herbs and flowers that grow on the island helped make spectacular honey and with time, Šolta island became known for producing some of the best wines, honey and olive oil in all of Croatia. In recent years, this lush green island where time seems to move more slowly has become a desired destination for its charming villages, natural beauty and world-famous olive oil including a Šoltanka variety that only grows on Šolta.

Because of its climate and geographical position, soil and many sunny days a year, Šolta is also famous for its authentic Dalmatian red grape sort called Dobricic and for its wild rosemary infused honey. Enjoy touring the island with your private chauffeur / guide and visiting local family producers of olive oil, wine and honey.

Depart from Split to island Šolta via local ferry or book a private speed boat transfer.

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