Legends and Tales of Zagorje

Best time to travel: Year round
Highlights: Varaždin town, Trakošćan & Veliki Tabor castles, private driver / guide
Duration: Full Day 10 hrs
Type of travel: History & Culture, Special Interests

The Northern region of Croatia known as Zagorje is home to rolling hilltops dotted with vineyards, charming villages and historic castles. Throughout history, mystic tales of witches, forbidden love, kind peasants and dreadful masters have been faithfully preserved and weaved into legends by local residents.

Embark on a full day adventure with your private chauffeur & guide to discover this charming region of continental Croatia, the beautiful Baroque town of Varaždin and the historic castles of Veliki Tabor & Trakošćan. A stroll down the cobbled streets of Varaždin reveals numerous palaces, villas and the oldest city hall in Europe. Further into the countryside, 13th century Trakošćan castle stands proudly perched atop a hill. The imposing castle is a great example of an aristocratic residence with magnificent baroque furniture, historical weapons, vivid pictures and beautiful gardens nestled along a lake. Veliki Tabor is a beautifully preserved Renaissance castle dating back to the 16th century whose noble residents have inspired so many legendary stories that we can cannot help but pass down the tales through time.

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